Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A First...

Conversation is going well, we're sharing dinner--and then her Grandma died.  Yeah, you've heard about people using that as an excuse to ditch class, or skip work...but on a date? 

Her:  "My brother has been trying to get a hold of Grandma has died."
Me:  "Shit.  That's horrible.  Do you need to go?  Or at least call someone?"
Her:  "No, no, I'll be OK.  There's nothing I can do anyw..." (Starts crying)
Me:  (Wow, she's not just trying to get out of a date, this actually happened.  I hate that I'm so cynical that I
        was even worried about the former possibility.  FUCKWHADDOIDO!?)

It all ended up turning out OK.  Well, for me anyway, though not so much for her.  Her Grandmother, the woman who pretty much raised her, had died after a long battle with cancer.  And then, after flying back to Chicago for the funeral, got caught in the middle of a huge rainstorm that flooded her parents out of house and home and prevented them from being able to bury the body in the cemetery she'd chosen for at least a week.  But we're supposed to go out again next week.  Still, helluva first date.